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GatorDriver Assist

Range of reversing cameras from renowned company TDJ Australia.

NEWS: Gator Driver Assist Stealth Cam - Entry in the 2010 Australian International Design Awards

Established in 1983, TDJ Australia Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading providers of Hi Fi, Digital Media, Electronics and Consumer accessory products.

With full back-up from TDJ Australia product development specialists and IT processes, partnering with long term trusted manufacturers gives TDJ customers a low-risk route towards realizing the benefits of unique and innovative product at low cost.

With 25 years of expertise in all areas of product development, design and manufacturing, TDJ’s expertise in combination with the expertise and co-operation of its Asian manufacturing partners offers a complete end-to-end service to customers including market analysis, product range design/development, product manufacturing, graphic design, global sourcing, logistics and service.

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