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8ZED TITAN-607 22Ah Battery, Jumpstarter, Air Compressor
8ZED TITAN Sun Hawk 20W Rugged Folding Solar Charger
8ZED TITAN Night Owl 10W Cool White LED Flood Light x 2
Dual adapter for 12V or 24V DC Cigarette Lighter


  • Heavy Duty Jumpstart System - A fully portable  1800Amp Heavy Duty Jump starter delivering 700CCA  that is ideal for anyone needing to jump start an automobile or light truck engine in an emergency. Simply hook up the color coded cables from your jump start to your dead battery, start the vehicle and you are on your way.
  •  12 Volt Power Supply (Max 10 Amp’s) -  Portable 12 volt DC power supply equipped with outlet socket to plug in auto accessories and appliances equipped with 12 volt cigarette lighter plugs. Large capacity battery makes this an ideal power source for spotlights , worklights camping lights car vacuums portable fridges,mobile phones power inverters and much more.
  • Air Compressor – The air compressor delivers an air pressure of max 100 PSI.
  • Battery - 22 Amp/hour capacity maintenance free rechargeable lead battery
  • Storage - Can be stored in any position without fear of leakage
  • Power Indications - Indicator lights show condition of the battery
  • Chargers - Supplied with both Ac household adapter and 12V DC vehicle adapter for recharging unit
  • Built in 5 LED Work light’s
  • Heavy duty color coded clips

TITAN Sun Hawk

20 watt Foldable Monocrystalline Solar Charging Panel.

Rugged Compact Folding Solar Panel - Plugs straight into charging port on any of the TITAN series of Portable Power Stations.

Comes with a 1 Meter 2.5 to 2.5.. DC plug.

2 x TITAN Night Owl

The 8ZED Night owl 10W led flood light is the best choice for home owners, vehicle owners, campers and travellers who need high illumination whilst being eco friendly and energy efficient. The 8ZED Night Owl delivers high output and last 50,000+ hours and manufactured to suit the harsh environment of the Australian outback, High quality longlife components. It is IP65 rated which offers long lasting reliability to all kinds of weather.

This has been complimented with an extra length 5 metre cable and cigarette lighter plug which can be plugged into boat,car, caravan and even the TITAN Jumpstarters by 8ZED.

Input Voltage 12VDC

IP65 Rating 

Power Consumption 10W

Colour : Cool White 

High output 900 Lumens

LED Life : 50,000+ hours 

Lens angle 120 degree


Converts standard Cigarette lighter socket into two, allowing for connection of mutliple 12V DC devices.

Built in 3AG 5 Amp Fast Acting Fuse to prevent overload.

Compact and easily stored in centre consol or glove box.

Rated for both 12V and 24V DC only.

Max Current rated at 5A \ 60Watts.

This product is everything they say it is.I have used it with great success.

- Rated by scott
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